Fences (Asswar)

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ATV series, produced for the international Arabic satellite broadcaster MBC. SPHINX PRODUCTIONS is responsible for 4 sequels of the series that are filmed in Austria.

Episodes x duration (of each): 30 x 45 minutes
Language: Arabic, German and English
Production year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Overall duration: 22 hours
Production locations: Saudi Arabia, Austria
Story: Hassan Assiri
Script: Adil Muhammed Al Gabri
Director: Said Bashir Hawari
Transmit channels: MBC, LBCSat TV, Kuwait Satellite, Qatar Satellite, Abu Dhabi Television, Oman Satellite, Art Cinema Channel, Sharkia, Show Time Cinema, Eldira, Rotana Cinema, Future, Sudan, Orbit Cinema, Egypt Satellite, Invinity, Aldear TV, Saudi 1,


This bold drama marks the first time that television viewers in the Gulf countries will be exposed to such social taboos as adultery, domestic violence and alcoholism in a TV production. After spending his

honeymoon in Austria, the protagonist, Zyad, returns to the Gulf with his wife. When his wife dies a year later, Zyad is convinced that he accidentally killed her in a fit of drunken rage, and he decides to flee to

Austria. There, in a small rural town outside of Vienna, Zyad manages to find refuge with a Catholic countrywoman and her daughter, and in return helps out on their farm.

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