Hopelessly in Love

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Mira, a young woman student from Abu Dhabi, comes to Austria to study abroad for a semester. Her father supports her in this, and Mira sees her stay in Austria as an opportunity to work out for herself future career plans, as well as her thoughts on marriage, family, tradition, etc. She realizes once here how much she loves and misses her friend Khaled, notwithstanding their disagreements.
In the meantime Khaled, seeking an escape from his love for Mira, finds another woman, who is just her opposite – traditional, un-imaginative and without dreams. It soon becomes clear to him that this is not what he wants.
As Mira returns to Abu Dhabi full of hopes, her father dies and her brother takes over control of the family. For him, it is important that Mira follows tradition and marries. Accordingly, it does not take long before the reunited pair, Mira and Khaled, find themselves at the marriage altar. But the differences between them flare up, and Mira, facing a difficult situation, decides to save her marriage at whatever price.
She returns to Austria with her husband, where she had been so happy, even while missing him. The pair travel to Austria and begin anew working to fulfill their dreams

Abu Dhabi’s first modern drama, in cooperation with SPHINX PRODUCTIONS. A TV series for 300 million potential viewers in the entire Arabic-speaking world plus another 10 million potential viewers in Europe.

General Information

Episodes x duration (of each): 60 x 45 minutes
Language: Arabic, German and English
Production year: 2011
Genre: Drama / Romance
Production locations: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Austria
Planned initial air date: March / April 2011
Production company: Abu Dhabi TV / I see for Media Production.
Austrian production: SPHINX PRODUCTIONS
Director: Eyad El Khzouz


Abu Dhabi TV, United Arab Emirates

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