Sky Angels

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Sky Angels is an action series set in and around the spectacular setting of the Gulf Area.


Four young friends, all living in the Gulf Area – an Arab man, aged 30, and an attractive Arab woman aged 26, an American man, aged 37, and an attractive English woman aged 30 – form a helicopter rescue service agency.

The outfit is run by the American guy who has lots of experience, having run a similar operation back in the USA. He teaches the two young Arab guys the ropes. Before long, they too are experts in flying the helicopter, doing it with the same expertise. Meanwhile, back on the ground, the English girl runs the ground operation as well as the business side.

Each week, the young team will risk their lives as the helicopter acts as a flying ambulance rescuing all kinds of different people in very different situations – and they will often have to bend the rules to get the right result, as they rescue people in distress.

Although the main thrust of each episode will be an exciting adventure, with large chunks of jeopardy, paying the bills will also often be a problem for our four close friends, and as the series involves we will find out more about their private lives and what makes them tick.


Filmed in the Gulf Area


An international cast of both American, Europe, and actors who are well known in the Middle East.