Tomorrow`s Hope

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A group of Syrian refugees are trying to build a new life in Lebanon. However, some of the people have to experience how everything that builds up breaks up again, and so they try their luck in Europe

Synopsis of the part shot in Austria

Warda, a young woman, after her new life is destroyed in Lebanon, takes with her husband on the dangerous journey by boat across the Mediterranean to start in Europe anew. Arrived in Vienna, however, her husband dies and she begins a new life with the hope for a better future.

Abu Dhabi TV modern drama, in cooperation with SPHINX PRODUCTIONS. A TV series for 300 million potential viewers in the entire Arabic-speaking world plus another 10 million potential viewers in Europe.

General Information

Episodes x duration (of each): 60 x 45 minutes
Language: Arabic, French and English
Production year: 2016
Genre: Drama
Production locations: Lebanon and Austria
Planned initial air date: March / April 2016
Production company: Abu Dhabi TV
Austrian production: SPHINX PRODUCTIONS
Director: Rami Hanna



Abu Dhabi TV, United Arab Emirates