Ahmed Radwan is an international film and television producer/director, and Managing Director of SPHINX PRODUCTIONS LLC in West Hollywood. He was born in Egypt and went on to study film in New York and Vienna.

One of his film development projects, a story that promotes peace in the Middle East, even made a lasting impression on Branko Lustig – the renowned producer of “Schindler’s List” and Holocaust survivor, who to his death the end of 2019 remains Radwan’s dear friend and supporter of his projects.

Mr. Radwan’s experience as a director includes the documentary, DIDGERIDOO, an Austrian/Australian co-production. He has also produced and directed numerous short films, gaining camera experience along the way.

Mr. Radwan and SPHINX PRODUCTIONS LLC have established a name for being a successful co-producer for the European parts of arab TV series of which several were successfully produced in the last years.

Building on his film making experience, with the support of a partner of Bavaria Film, Mr. Radwan founded first SPHINX FILMS in Europe, in 1999. In 2019 the company was renamed as SPHINX PRODUCTIONS LLC and moved to West Hollywood, CA.

Mr. Radwan is a regular presence at international film and television festivals and trade fairs (MIPCOM, MIP-TV, Festival du Cannes, Dubai, Cairo, …).

Ahmed Radwan & Branko Lustig (Producer: “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Gladiator”)

Through SPHINX PRODUCTIONS LLC, Mr. Radwan has established an extensive international network of film production and production financing partnerships (USA, Europe & throughout the Arab world).

SPHINX PRODUCTIONS is currently in the pre-production or planning stage of multiple projects.