• Tomorrow`s Hope

    A group of Syrian refugees are trying to build a new life in Lebanon.

  • Miriam & Maryam

    A production for worldwide distribution

  • Hopelessly in Love

    Abu Dhabi’s first modern drama, in cooperation with SPHINX FILMS

  • Young Alexander The Great

    Set in Macedonia, north of Greece, in 340BC

  • First Love

    A TV series for 300 million potential viewers in the entire Arabic-speaking world

  • Sky Angels

    Action series set in and around the spectacular setting of the Gulf Area

  • Asswar

    A TV series, produced for the international arabic satellite broadcaster MBC

  • Didgeridoo

    A documentary film about the music instrument of the aborigines


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In Florida (particularly South Florida), Sphinx Films can provide a fully equipped studio at no cost, as well as low-cost support for casting and extras, technical crews, accommodations and transportation. more pictures ...


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Morocco offers everything in the way of locations, from traditional Arabic architecture and settings through to desert landscapes and snow-covered peaks. Many major Hollywood films have already been shot here, and our Moroccan partner has been involved in the production of most of them. Other advantages besides the stunning locations are the low production costs – for professional crews, equipment, transportation, accommodations, etc. [button link="http://www.flickr.com/photos/sphinxfilms/sets/72157633171496378/show/ " ...

United Arab Emirates

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The UAE is known to offer significant financial support for international projects. A Hollywood production received 10 million USD for several days of shooting that included scenes of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower. For its part, Abu Dhabi has already invested as much as one billion dollars in US-based projects, but the Emirate also offers financial support to international production that shoot on location. Two other ...


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The Omani government is highly motivated to help with costs such as accommodations, transportation and filming approvals. Not only is Oman steeped in Arabic tradition, but it is also a very modern country that welcomes foreign visitors. In addition to scenic deserts and mountains, Oman is home to a fabulous green paradise (the city of Salalah and surrounding area).   more pictures ...